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Benefits of working with Bay Area Credit Service

Bay Area Credit Service can help your business by increasing cash flow and improving revenue. We collect your receivables fast, professionally and courteously.

While we work diligently to recover your accounts, we take equal care to build trust and rapport with your delinquent customer. Our job is to protect your reputation and ours, while delivering outstanding results.

"Quality through compassion, compliance and customer care" is our goal on each contact.

Reap the benefits of partnering with the right recovery service provider

By treating people fairly, frankly and persuasively we deliver more than just collections. In fact many of our clients rely on us to Win-back customer loyalty after resolving the delinquent client.

Choosing a collection service is a critical part of your financial strategy. Bay Area Credit Service is an effective partner and catalyst to solving your receivables management challenges.

Delivery through strategic efforts

In the financial recovery industry, too many times client accounts are worked in a hurry and critical steps to locate customers or assets are ignored. At Bay Area Credit Service, we work in sync with your company to ensure that ALL of your accounts are worked immediately and thoroughly. We use technology such as online call monitoring to monitor and report progress and results so you know what is going on at all times. The bottom line is — we work with you to customize the solution to your business requirements, aligning all of these aspects. We also ensure account security through our innovative technology that includes virtual remote audits, login authentication security, and customized integration with your systems.