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Increase your profits by resolving accounts faster

Four factors are key to debt collection:


The ability to contact the customer.

The ability of the customer to pay.

The willingness of the customer to pay.

The skill of the person communicating with the customer.

One feature impacts these four facts equally:
  • The sooner collection can be attempted,
  • The more quickly the account will be contacted,
  • The faster it can be worked,
  • Will yield the highest probability of collection.

Time, or more specifically delay, in placing accounts for collection, degrades the possibility of resolution no matter how effective the collection.  For this reason, the first milestone in a good collection strategy is rapid referral of delinquent debt.  You can help yourself and your profits by taking deliberate action quickly.

Choose an outsourcing partner you can trust

Finding a service provider you trust to deliver maximum results in recovering your customer accounts is a challenge in today’s changing customer care and collections environment. Innovative technology has led customers to expect high service levels. A financial recovery service provider must have the expertise and technology to aggressively work all of your accounts, while delivering high customer satisfaction. Growing your customer base is not a luxury — it is a necessity. You need a partner who understands your business and consistently delivers high quality customer care.
Bay Area Credit Service collects

Bay Area Credit Service has a nationwide network of industry-focused call centers staffed by highly trained managers and account representatives. Each account representative receives three weeks of intensive training on collection and customer care techniques, as well as on your specific industry. We also offer highly effective electronic collection and letter services.

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